Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition Care Nutrition Care for You and Your Child

Proper nutrition intake is imperative to a woman and child before, during and after pregnancy.  Questions regarding optimal nutrient intake and providing the best nutrition for baby are very common for expectant and current moms.  Meet with a Registered Dietitian (and mom) who understands your concerns and can offer professional guidance.


Common topics covered during a pre or post
natal nutrition consultation:

   Preparing Mom’s diet and body for baby

   Foods to avoid during pregnancy

   Proper nutrient and calorie intake during and after pregnancy

   Prenatal vitamin effectiveness and safety

   Supplementation safety during pregnancy

   Preparing Mom’s body for nursing

   Returning safely to pre-baby weight

   Age specific nutrient intake

   Food allergies in infants and early toddlers

   Infant and early toddler stool patterns


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